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  1. Belice, video, 2018
    Sound stereo

    (Sicily, 1968, have been devastated during a earthquake.The original city of Gibellina was completely destroyed by «Belice earthquake», between 14 and 15 January 1968. It was centred between the towns of Gibellina, Salaparuta and Poggioreale and killed 400 people and left 100,000 homeless. It’s known in Italy as «Terremoto del Belice».
    Cretto di burri is a landscape artwork realised by Alberto Burri in 1984 in memory of the victims.)

    The film shows the streets of Gibellina completely abandoned since the earthquake. Ruins and rubble appear as a vestige of a tragic event.
    It’s an echo of people marginalized and abandoned by governments until nowadays.

    The voice over is the voice of Danilo Dolci, sociologist and activist well known for his action against the mafia and the poverty in Italy.
    In 1970 he spoke to the first free radio in Italy, with a clandestine transmission to denounce the conditions of degradation in some areas, to protest against the disengagement of the state and the waste of public money in the reconstruction. This was the first attempt for a democratic mobilization.