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  1. Enchaînement, drum Pierre-Hugues Hadacek, 2016 
    Sound installation, 3mn 24, loop
    Jeune Création 66e édition, Thaddaeus Ropac gallery Paris-Pantin

    The installation is inspired by the principle of soundscape in Howard Broomfield's research. He found a link between music and the sound of the slamming wheels of a train on the city's railways. This connection inspired the drum's striking techniques in jazz and rock music. 
    A professional drummer, using a field sound recording of the Berlin's Metro, improvises with his drum set the diffferent rhythms of the slam of the train's wheels. The sound installation replays these sequences.

    Peak frequency
    , slam of the train's wheels, 2016
    Five prints on aluminum Dibond, size 20x30 cm
    by order, t 0.01 s, t 0.05 s, t 0.10 s, t 0.19 s, t 0.25 s